Ruville Water Pumps newly defined

7/28/15 / Ruville

Ruville Water Pumps newly defined

Under its Ruville brand, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket is offering newly-defined water pumps and water pump KITs for nearly all current European and Asian passenger cars. Thanks to more durable and wear-resistant materials for vital components like mechanical seals, leakage is prevented even at high operating temperatures. And the Aftermarket specialists have also optimized the design of its Ruville water pump. Whether it’s the impeller or housing – all component sizes and forms are precision-tuned to ensure exact pump capacity for each specific engine.

It's a fact that over 75 percent of all water pump damage can be traced back to a leaky mechanical seal. So the right material combination for both rings of the mechanical seal is of vital importance. The sliding ring of the Ruville water pump is made of silicon carbide, a material with hardness similar to that of a diamond, which makes it especially resistant to thermal shock. This makes silicon carbide far superior to aluminum oxide, which is still often used in the assembly of conventional sliding rings. For the counter ring a softer material, carbon graphite, is employed. During the interaction of these two material types, the counter ring provides an optimal fit onto the sliding ring to prevent water from reaching the bearings.

All components of the latest generation of Ruville water pumps are precision-tuned in size and form to deliver high levels of functional efficiency. Impellers and housings have a new design that optimizes flow rates. And the location and dimensions of the drainage system have been adapted to allow for small amounts of coolant to quickly escape in their entirety, before they have a chance to penetrate to the bearings. This prevents bearing damage as well.

'In everyday use, water pumps perform a herculean task,' says Maik Evers, Director Program Management Ruville, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket. 'If a cooling circuit is not sufficiently flushed, abrasive particles can remain in the system. This means a newly-installed water pump works under difficult conditions right from the start. The result is high wear that in turn can lead to a defective water pump and cause major damage – from an overheated engine, to damaged drive belts, even engine breakdown. So it's vitally important for car owners to get high-quality components that are precision-tuned to function optimally together. Only this can ensure high reliability.'

To avoid secondary damage and costs, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket recommends replacing all components of the belt drive system whenever the timing belt is replaced. Ideal for belt drive systems with an integrated water pump is the Ruville water pump KIT. It contains not only the water pump, but also a tension roller, a deflection pulley, a guide pulley, the timing belt and all accessory parts needed for installation like screws, nuts and seals.

Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket currently has over 250 Ruville water pump KITs – including 12 that come with thermostat – in its portfolio. More information is available at