Arrival in the Orient – the “Hello World” Team crosses the Finish Line at the Dead Sea

6/1/15 / Company

Arrival in the Orient – the “Hello World” Team crosses the Finish Line at the Dead Sea

The “Hello World” team, including Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket marketing employee Iris Scherer, can look back on a successful Allgäu-Orient Rallye (AOR) result after 20 days, through 12 countries and 6,200 driven kilometers. The team crossed the finish line in Sweimeh, Jordan, on the shores of the Dead Sea after having started the rally back on 10 May in Oberstaufen, Germany, along with 111 other teams. Prior to taking the starting line, repair professionals from Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket had prepared two vehicles of the “Hello World” team – a 1998 Seat Inca and a 1996 VW Passat Variant – for this tough endurance test using original replacement parts from LuK, INA, FAG and Ruville.

Before crossing the finish line at the Dead Sea, the last stages of the Allgäu-Orient Rallye had taken the remaining participants through Mersin, Turkey, Haifa, Israel, Bethlehem and Amman, Jordan. These stages pushed both participants and their vehicles to their very limits, subjecting them to temperatures of up to 50º C, dust and boulders. The results were predictable, and engine overheating and transmission problems were a major challenge for some of the teams. But not for the “Hello World” team's Seat Inca and the VW Passat Variant, which held up admirably in the face of these difficult conditions. Even more amazing was the team's Seat Inca, which had a mileage of 230,000 kilometers at the start of the rally. It mastered the entire distance without needing a single repair.

An important goal that both participants and the organizers had for the Allgäu-Orient Rallye was to demonstrate social responsibility. For this reason, all rally vehicles will stay in Jordan and be used for a good cause. The members of the “Hello World” rally team went one step further and during the race stages through Turkey stopped off at Bozboğa Köyü, a village some 640 kilometers from Istanbul in the Çorum region. Here they equipped a school classroom with computers, keyboards and cabling.

'Without question, the Allgäu-Orient Rallye has been a great experience,' said Iris Scherer. 'I can only say that everyone should take part at least once in this unique race. I can hardly put it into words. I saw so many interesting things and had so many positive experiences. And the encouragement we got every day from our families, friends, colleagues and rally fans motivated us anew to persevere and to give all we could.' She then added 'I want to thank the experts at Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket for their great support and the valuable tips and tricks they gave us before the rally began. And thanks to everyone who followed the rally and kept their fingers crossed for us.'