Electricity on board

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Electricity on board

The first question to be clarified is the meaning of hybrid in the language of automotive developers. In a nutshell, a hybrid complements the conventional internal combustion (IC) engine by a second source of propulsion – e.g. today’s electric motors.

One name, various concepts

The automotive OEM and supplier industries are testing and offering various hybrid systems for diverse demands. A pioneer in this field, Schaeffler possesses a wealth of experience and a wide range of systems. Every one of these highly innovative and intelligent concepts has its justification in the marketplace. Not least due to the fact that “more electricity on board” makes it possible to replace conventional mechanical or hydraulic components by electric drive.

Powerful potential in many areas

The Schaeffler Group is driving hybrid technology forward. And with the same intensity, the company is further optimizing the IC engine. In spite of all the progress in this area, Schaeffler still sees potential in optimizing the efficiency of IC engines – 10 percent for diesel and 20 percent for gasoline engines.