Twin pack – Levelling discs in a logical combination

Levelling disk
LuK RepSet 2CT
The contents of the RepSet 2CT for dry double clutches (VW Group) has recently been a topic of discussion in many garages – in some sets, instead of 11, only 6 levelling discs for the clutch K2 are included. Today we will clarify why this is the case and how this changes the repair process.

In order to compensate for axial tolerances between the engagement bearings and the clutch, the LuK RepSet 2CT contains levelling discs/spherical caps for the clutch K1 or small levelling discs for the clutch K2, depending on the transmission type.
Up to now, the tolerance of the K2 engagement bearing has been offset using a levelling disc. In order to cover the most common levelling dimensions, the LuK RepSet 2CT therefore contained 11 discs with different thicknesses.

From now on, up to two levelling discs are permitted on the K2 engagement bearing. As a result, the number of small discs has been reduced.
The range of discs now includes different numbers of thicknesses that can be used individually or in combination to achieve all of the previous level dimensions with only six levelling discs.

Whether 6 or 11 discs are included, both RepSets can be used safely for the vehicles listed in the catalogue.

The table in the image section compares the levelling dimensions of the previous and the new set of levelling discs, as well as their composition, in order to achieve the required dimensions.